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GD Products Center Pro 0.9.8 Beta

Last beta for GD Products Center Pro is now released. All features planned for this version are completed, and for the next week only bugs will be fixed. Import is completed, default rendering templates selection added and theme Mystique added for the direct integration.

Warning: Plugin is not yet completed, and it is not recommended to use it on the live websites. Right now, from all the planned features for 1.0.0 release, plugin is 98% done. If you have problems with missing templates or broken pages, please run Cleanup operations from the plugin Tools -> Maintenance.

Release: With all the new added features that were not previously planned, plugin 1.0 release is delayed a bit. Current target date is February 9 2012. Until than, one or two RC versions will be released to fix bugs. No new features will be added until than. If the number of bugs requires, plugin release date can be delayed for couple of days to make sure that plugin is released as stable as possible.

Importing and updating products from CSV file is completed, and export updated to include images, video links and links. Plugin can import images from given URL into the WordPress (there are exceptions and will not work with websites that use hotlinking protection). To make change for rendering templates easier, plugin now supports settings for the templates globally (for the whole plugin and all product types) and you can set this individually for each product type. You can still set it in the theme, and xScape Themes Framework will still use own method of setting these rendering templates. Also, one more theme got direct support: Mystique. This is for the full version of this theme that works with auto child theme.

In the next week video tutorials will be released: Import/Export with CSV file, Quick features overview, In depth plugin use, Themes support, xScape Themes Integration. Please report any bugs found, I am sure that some more are still in the plugin. Future plans for the plugin are updated and listed for the next 5 milestone versions. Other features can also be added, depending on what is most needed by the users.

Plugin Test Drive

If you want to try out the plugin before deciding on buying, use the contact form to request demo website set up for test drive. There you can try out all our plugins and themes.

Promo Coupon

If you decide to purchase plugin now, while still in development phase, a coupon is available that will give you 25% discount. This coupon is: PRODUCTSCBETA. To purchase plugin, visit the plugin purchase page.


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