Next major version for GD Press Tools Pro will go into development soon, and it will take some time to complete considering how many new features and improvements are planned for it. This is an overview of what you can expect in the new version, but this list is not complete.

  1. Improvements to backup and restore. New set of backup features will include adding sites from backup into multisite network, and will allow you to export site from network into a standalone website. Restore script will be improved, and parts of it will be added into main plugin code to allow for adding sites into multisite network.
  2. More HTACCESS tweaks. There are number of new tweaks and options related to HTACCESS that will be added to help with the website security. The list of these tweaks is not yet finalized.
  3. Expanded comment SPAM features. This is still not finalized, but I have several ideas on how to improve security with improvements to SPAM detection. Few methods will be available and they should be as automated as possible to reduce the need for moderation.
  4. Logging actions into database. Set of features that logs the users activity on the website will include a wide range of interactions like profile changes, activities defined by plugins through filters and functions use.
  5. Full set of SEO features. Powerful SEO module is coming, with options to control titles, meta tags and descriptions for all sorts of pages on your website.
  6. Dynamic XML Sitemaps. Right now sitemaps are generated as static XML files. But, in multisite environment, this is not a good method to use considering how many files you will need to keep. New method will allow to generate sitemaps through WordPress with method similar to feeds.

As I said, this is preliminary list, and more minor features will be added to 4.5. If you have any suggestions, please let me know through comments here or in the support forum. GD Press Tools Pro 4.5 will go into development in late March, and is expected in May or June 2012.

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