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Plugins testing for WordPress 3.4

WordPress 3.4 RC2 was released today, and final is expected sometime next week. For the past month all Dev4Press Free and Premium plugins, themes are tested with WP 3.4 at different Beta/RC stages to make sure that everything is OK. And right now everything works as expected.

WordPress 3.4 is very similar to previous 3.3, and only some of the API changes can affect plugins. There is one major API change that is not yet supported: old ThickBox powered popups are replaced with new ones. But, for now, to avoid compatibility issues with older WP versions, all Dev4Press plugins using ThickBox, with continue to use it.

If you notice any problems with any of our plugins and themes with new WordPress 3.4, please test with latest WP versions and report back what the problem is, if you have some errors logged or problems with JavaScript. Open new thread(s) in the forums and describe the problem in details. Also, make sure that you are using latest plugin versions.

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Milan Petrovic

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