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Preview: GD bbPress Toolbox 1.3 Pro

Development for GD bbPress Toolbox doesn’t stop, and new major 1.3 release is in the works for late November (most likely the 19-th) release. You can find out here what this version will bring, and what else you can expect from this plugin for the next few major versions.

GD bbPress Toolbox 1.3 Pro will include some major changes and new features. jQueryUI will get updated to 1.9.1, qTip2 library will get updated and some things in JS and CSS will also change. New Enhance features will include options to disable BuddyPress specific override of the profile pages for bbPress. BBCode support will get third set of codes: Restricted and they will be available to admins only. New Advanced codes will include: Embed, Email, Webshot. And standard codes will include: Anchor. Each BBCode registration can be controlled with filters to disable the code and/or strip it from the reply or topic. Some BBCodes bugs are fixed and few codes improved.

Future 1.4 version will be out in February or March 2013 and major feature for this version will be Moderation of topics and replies. Also in the plans are options for ignoring users, new BBCodes, and limiting access to individual forums to different user roles (or using few other methods). Some of these will be in 1.4, and some will get into next 1.5 (still no timeframe for release).

If you have any suggestions, or some bugs to report, do it with comments here, or use the forum.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website:


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