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Preview: GD CPT Tools 4.0 Pro

As previously announced, work on GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro has reached next stage, and version 4.0 is next major release, scheduled for early December. There are many things planned for this version, and here is the preview of what you can expect.

Roadmap for the plugin is updated to reflect current plans. Post 4.0 list has few features, and it is possible that some of them end up in 4.0, depending on time to develop them. You can see the roadmap here and it will be updated until 4.0 is released. Development for this 4.0 version will be a bit different, and every few days new nightly version will be released for testing. These versions must be considered highly unstable and not usable on production / live environments. Nightly versions are only for testing.

First Nightly version is now released. It requires WordPress 3.2 or newer, 3.0 and 3.1 are no longer supported. It includes jQueryUI 1.9.1 and brand new option for reordering of post types and taxonomies using drag’n’drop.

Focus for the new version is to improve interface for the plugin and allow easier changes to post types and taxonomies. Reordering is already added to plugin, and next nightly versions will have mass editor for post types and taxonomies, improvements to rewrite rules and many other things. New custom fields will be added, and some existing fields improved. Meta boxes will get tabbed interface.

There are few more ideas on the table for new version, but I can’t promise anything at this point, it will depend on available time and complexity for implementation. If you have any suggestions, or some bugs to report, do it with comments here, or use the forum. If you observe issues with Nightly versions, report them in forum.

Official Website

GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro has own website:


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