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Planning: GD Press Tools Pro 5.0

This has been coming for a while now, and it is necessary so that GD Press Tools Pro can continue to grow. Currently, I am conducting tests for new version and some basic elements are coming together. New version will be 100% modular and very light on using resources.

Idea behind 5.0 is this: all features are going to be split into modules, and each module will fit into one of 6 sections: Information, Integration, Maintenance, Security, SEO and Debug. Modules loading will be controlled by several factors and that will lead to module loading only when they are needed. Plugin core will have several files that will server as loaders mostly, or providing some base/shared code. Goal for 5.0 is to get simplicity despite having hundreds and hundreds of features. Plugin must be easy to use, large number of features doesn’t require use complexity.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 will require WordPress 3.4 (or maybe even 3.5) or newer to work. This will depend on some other things, and right now I can’t confirm that.

Right now I am working on development branch for the plugin, and it will take another few weeks to iron out the new interface, features organization into modules, loading and usability. I hope to show some preliminary screenshots as soon as they are at least partially working. Until then, please let me know what do you think about this, and what can you suggest for the new version.

New version is 4-5 months away. There will be at least one or two Beta releases most likely in September and October, for final 5.0 release in October or November. Right now, these are only preliminary dates, and more will be known once the plugin core is completed.

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