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Teaser: GD Products Center 1.2

As previously announced, GD Products Center 1.2 will be released in a matter of days now. But, due to the many changes this version brings, here is a small teaser with list of changes, new features and fixes. Also, few new tutorials are also coming to help with migration.

GD Products Center 1.2 will have many new features:

  • compare box as a replacement for widget
  • companies support with brands and sellers (using post types)
  • use of Font Awesome for font icons and adding them to properties
  • allow properties to be used for archive filtering order
  • direct theme support: TwentyTwelve

Updates and improvements list includes:

  • updated libraries: qtip2, jQueryUI, gdr2
  • improvements: building of the main query object
  • improvements: loading of CSS and JS files
  • improvements: generating titles
  • improvements: compare page grid
  • improvements: product types panel
  • improvements: creating of missing templates
  • modified registration of product types
  • changed values for archive order filter
  • better organization of settings panel
  • product properties no longer display empty groups

GD Products Center 1.2 will include many bug fixes:

  • creating new product leaves pages information empty
  • detection of available product types theme templates
  • wp_title function improper detection of page type
  • duplicated cache rebuild when saving product type and taxonomy
  • minor problems with some shortcode parsing

New version is few days away, and as soon as the testing is done, plugin will be ready. If nothing goes wrong, that should be Monday or Tuesday.

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Milan Petrovic

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