Brand new GD Products Center 1.4 will be released by the end of this month, and it will include several very important new features and changes. Plugin roadmap will be changed soon to show different organization of planned changes to allow for faster release cycles.

Right now I am working on several things, and it is far from final stage in development, but focus in this version will be this:

  1. Dropping support for WordPress 3.3. WP 3.4 or newer will be required.
  2. New core loader object to replace all current cache methods. Current caching is lacking, especially in handling multi product type data in the same time (needed for companies).
  3. Custom rewrite rules for single products and product archives. This is implemented, but based on testing, it will be limited only to latest versions of WordPress (3.7 and 3.8 most likely).
  4. Custom rewrite rules for companies and companies archives. Similar to product rewrite rules.
  5. Front end pages for companies with new templates support for them.

Here is the screenshot of the rewrite rules options for product type:

Product Type Custom Rewrite Rules
Product Type Custom Rewrite Rules
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