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Development Status: GD Products Center 1.4

As it was announced some two weeks ago, GD Products Center 1.4 will be released very soon, and finally we have a official release date and full list of features, fixes and changes that will go into new version. New version will be released on February 6 2014.

10 days from today, 1.4 will be released. It is a 4-5 days delay needed for extra testing of companies pages and rewrite rules customization.

  1. Dropping support for WordPress 3.3 and WordPress 3.4.
  2. Updated external libraries and FontAwesome to 4.0.3.
  3. Some 10 bugs fixed, and many obsolete functions removed.
  4. Improved support for SEO and generating titles for page header.
  5. New core loader to replace old caching and loading system.
  6. Update and install wizard for better control over the process.
  7. Custom rewrite rules for products and companies.
  8. Companies getting single pages and archives.
  9. Companies meta boxes to assign logos, images, videos and links.
  10. Improvements to memory usage and performance.
  11. Option to duplicate product for easier adding of new products.
  12. Loading of FontAwesome from external CDN.
  13. Admin side lists of products and companies with filters.
  14. Many improvements to templates used for filtering.
  15. Many improvements to core products and companies objects.
  16. Improvements to the indexing of filter related properties.

Development will be finished by Sunday, and partially some testing too. Next week will be about testing and fixing few more issues that might surface. Few extra days will be important to release plugin that is stable.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

Programmer since the age of 12 and WordPress developer since 2008 as freelancer and author of more than 200 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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2 thoughts on “Development Status: GD Products Center 1.4”

  1. great, can’t wait!

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  2. hi, MilaN, Nice to see the latest update with huge improvements and features, waiting for the update.
    If you don’t mind can i participate in beta test.

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