GD Clever Widgets Pro is upcoming Dev4Press premium plugin for WordPress. GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.0  will have 10 widgets, but in the future more widgets will be added (with some in planning stages already). Plugin is currently in final development stages and release date is set for Tuesday, November 18 2014.

Enhanced Text Widget
Enhanced Text Widget

Plugin will use same interface as GD bbPress Toolbox does, with brand new design for widgets. Plugin will have 2 widgets for units and currency conversion, 4 navigation based widgets, tabber widget, enhanced text widget, link out widget (for tabber) and advanced posts widget. Some widgets will use AJAX to improve performance. Most widgets will offer different styles and rendering methods, and they will be very easy to setup.

This plugin will use same pricing structure as all other Dev4Press plugins for WordPress. Personal license (1 website) will be $39.00, Business license (5 websites) will be $99.00 and Developer license (50 websites) will be $199.00. Dev4Press Plugins Pack will include this plugin as soon as released. Once released, for the first 2 weeks plugin will be available with 25% discount.

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GD Clever Widgets Pro
A collection of sidebars widgets for unit conversion, advanced navigation, QR Code, videos, posts and authors information, enhanced versions of default widgets and more.
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