Development for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 is completed, and currently Alpha #3 version is available for testing. Stable release for 4.0 is coming on October 5 2015. Until then there will be at least one Beta and one Release Candidate release.

Version 4.0 is a largest update GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has ever get, and it includes more than 30 new features, many updates and few fixes too. Most important new features are:

  • Say Thanks for Topics and Replies
  • Canned Replies for Moderators
  • Track users and guest online status (with widgets for display)
  • BBCode to display syntax highlighted source code
  • Forum based locking and extra attachment settings
  • Temporarily Lock any topic
  • Secondary action area for topics and replies
  • More notification improvements
  • More bbPress related links for NavMenu
  • Rewritten several of the plugin modules

But, there are many more features included, tweaks, functions for developers and third party plugins integrations, more templates for customization, improvements to plugin interface, improved widgets and several bugs fixed. With one week remaining until this new version is released as stable, there will be more testing going on, and I will introduce new features every day, expand the documentation where needed.

So, get ready for a very important new version of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro that will expand bbPress powered forums even more. Version 4.0 will be released on October 5 2015.

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  1. Randall Camacho says:

    great work guys !!!
    looking forward to V4 !!!

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