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Coming Soon: xScape2 Theme Framework

After few delays, some development issues, brand new xScape2 theme framework will be ready for release later this month. All framework features are finalized and framework is in testing stages. Most important thing are new themes currently in development.

Before I go on talking about the new framework, there are some very important things regarding the old xScape Theme Framework that needs to be cleared:

Theme Background Settings
Theme Background Settings

New xScape2 is NOT compatible with old xScape. It is not possible to use xScape2 with old themes made with xScape. It is not possible to transfer settings or layouts or templates from old xScape to new xScape2.

When I first made xScape Theme Framework, I had some ideas in mind that I managed to develop into that framework. But, over time, many things in xScape proven difficult to use and customize. So, after a lot of research and testing, new framework started to take shape. xScape2 uses ZURB Foundation Framework (currently 5.5 version) to ensure best responsive and cross device performance. Also, Foundation has many built in plugins that we can take advantage in building themes: buttons, navigation, forms, grids, basic typography.

Basic idea with the new framework is to rely on the normal WordPress templates and templates loading flow, but with the benefit of having easier control over the layout of the page and elements displayed around the central template content. Also, you can additionaly manipulate theme settings and layout in every template through easy to use xscape() object.

Layout Editor Detail
Layout Editor Detail

Here is the quick overview of the most important features for xScape2:

  • HTML5
  • Responsive
  • Child Themes
  • Layout Editor
  • Additional Layout Blocks
  • WordPress Login styling
  • Adding custom Sidebars
  • Selected Shortcodes
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Social Networks links
  • bbPress support
  • BuddyPress support
  • Foundation Framework
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Google Fonts
  • Import/Export Tools

As you can see on the images here, xScape2 uses same admin side visual style as all new Dev4Press plugins through shared Dev4Press Library.

Over the next month I will post regular updates and previews of how the framework works. Also, 4 themes are in development, so I can post some images while the themes development progress. Dev4Press website will be redesigned using a new theme on xScape2 (depedning on the free time, it should happen sometime in May).

When xScape2 is release, old themes will be retired, and there will be many changes in licensing for themes and pricing structure. All users with active xScape Themes Club license will get full access to all new xScape2 themes.

So, stay tuned, more xScape2 news are coming soon.

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