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GD Rating System Pro 1.0 Alpha #1

GD Rating System Pro is still in development. This is the first public release of Alpha version of the plugin, with stable 1.0 version expected to be released in about 8 days. Free version will be released in the same time as Pro.

Notice: This is Alpha version, and it is not yet completed and it is not ready for use on live websites. Please, test this version on your development servers, and let me know if you find any problems. Read this post to find out the status of some of the plugin features and what areas of the plugin require specific testing.


GD Rating System Pro 1.0 Alpha #1 version is now available for download. All users with active Dev4Press Plugins Pack license can download plugin and test it. Pro version is available for purchase, and you can find the special 50% discount coupon at the bottom of this post. In the next days, I will be publishing videos and knowledge base articles about various plugin features, so ask away what you need, and I will do my best to fill the knowledge base with new articles.

Features Status

Some of the features that are under development but don’t affect the way rating works are disabled completely in this version to avoid problems. Other features might be in final stages of development, but working. Right now Stars Review, Thumbs Rating, Editor Addon and Rich Snippets Addon are disabled and under development. Some addons are completed: Shortcake UI, Dummy Data, Posts Integration and Comments. All planned widgets and shortcodes are also done. Admin tools, rating and votes logs are all completed.

Stars Rating method is completed, and it should only get only few tweaks until the final version is done. Rules editor can get few tweaks also, but nothing major. Support for WP Rest API is completed, apart from few endpoints that need clean up for results. Transfer data is done for GD Star Rating, WP PostRatings and Yet Another Stars Rating plugins. It should work fine, but read the instructions provided on the transfer panels to learn more on limitations for different plugins and import methods. Admin Enhancer addon is partially done, and menu for WordPress Toolbar/Adminbar is completed.

Special Testing Requirements

Testing is needed for data transfer from other supported plugins. There is no guarantee that all that will work OK, and it needs to be checked. It is recommended to clear plugins database tables to test different import methods. Source database tables and data is not affected in any of the transfer operations.

Free plugin version

Free plugin version will be submitted to for approval in a day or two, but the approval process is very slow, so Free version might be a bit late.

Pro plugin updates

During the next week, I will try to push new version each day, and final 1.0 should land on December 22.

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GD Rating System Pro
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Powerful, highly customizable and versatile ratings plugin to allow your users to vote for anything you want. Includes different rating methods and add-ons.

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