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Plans for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0

Summer break is over and time has come to start working on the next major version for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. Version 4.0 will be a big release with a lot of new features, and I am still finalizing the list based on your suggestions and previous plans and discussions.

So far, there are more than 15 new (or expanded) features planned for 4.0, some of them might not end in the 4.0 (depending on the available time). But, some features are on top of the list and will be implemented in 4.0:

  1. Canned replies (Done).
  2. Tweak for 404 Status for user and view pages (Sep 10 2015, Done).
  3. Media library for Participant role (Sep 10 2015, Done).
  4. Users and guests online status (Sep 10 2015, Done).
  5. Online status Widget and Dashboard Widget (Sep 10 2015, Done).
  6. Set min/max length for topic/reply title and content (Sep 11 2015, Done).
  7. Lock individual forums (Done).
  8. More attachment settings for individual forums (Done).
  9. Various administration improvements (Done).
  10. Notify subscribers on topic/reply edit (Done).
  11. Improvements to profile widget (Done).
  12. BBCode: [ CODE ] (Done).
  13. Say thanks for topic/reply (Done).
  14. Option to temporarily lock topic (Sep 6 2015, Done).
  15. Duplicate topics (Done).
  16. For Developers: tools to integrate the signature editor (Done).

Currently, there is no set date for the new version, but I hope to finish everything by the end of September or in first half of October. Because there are so many features, it will need time, and it is hard to predict how much.

If you have any suggestions for the 4.0 versions, please let me know in the comments or through the support forums. The current plans are still open to changes, but I will lock the list of features for implementation on September 6 and will not add any new features to the list.

Edited September 6 2015:

Based on some feedback and some tests I was doing, there are some features that are already added into plugin 4.0 version.

  1. Media library upload for Participants in TinyMCE with Add Media button
  2. Additional bbPress related links into Navigation Menu via extra meta box
  3. Tweak to fix status header 404 for some bbPress specific pages

Edited September 10 2015:

Here are some new features added to the list for 4.0:

  1. Users and guests online status
  2. Online status Widget
  3. Media library for Participant role
  4. Tweak for 404 Status for user and view pages

Edited September 11 2015:

One feature is now removed from the list: Default value for notification for new replies checkbox. This can’t be done right now, due to the limitation in how the bbPress handles this.

Edited September 13 2015:

Development for the 4.0 version has reached 70% completion. Few new features are completed (list is updated), list of potential features cleaned up and some things are no removed or moved into completed. Development for new version will resume in about one week, and after that there will be alpha and beta testing phase, and it will be announced in forum.

Edited September 22 2015:

New BBCode for source code SCODE is implemented along with Syntax Highlighting. And with few more features to be completed, it is time to start testing. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 Alpha #1 is now available. This release is not ready for production use, it is only for testing, do not install it on live websites!!!

Edited September 25 2015:

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 Alpha #2 is now available. Includes new footer action links area for topics and replies, option to say thanks for topics and replies and many fixes. This release is not ready for production use, it is only for testing, do not install it on live websites!!!

Edited September 27 2015:

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 Alpha #3 is now available. All plugin features are now completed, and plugin is now frozen for new features. First Beta version will be released on Wednesday. This release is not ready for production use, it is only for testing, do not install it on live websites!!!

Please let me know for whatever bugs you find while testing new features. I have started adding documentation for new features too.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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18 thoughts on “Plans for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0”

  1. could we suggest a function

    The best part of it is to replace WP’s comment with forum replies, very nice function but that project is outdated

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    • Hi,

      Thanks for the suggestion, but this feature is on the roadmap to be added to bbPress core, so no point of adding it to plugin. I hope to see new bbPress by the end of the year.


      Please wait...
  2. maybe add to let wordpress search also search for bbpress and honor forum privacy settings?

    current quick fix on internet does not honor privacy setup at all, search simply let normal users see every hidden forums

    Please wait...
    • bbPress has its own built-in search. It is not all it should be, but it is OK, and I think that some improvements for it are coming in next bbPress. Also, fixing WordPress search is a very, very complicated thing to do, and not something that should go into plugin dealing with bbPress.

      Please wait...
  3. and also mass prune / copy/ move articles, merge forums, when deleting forum, move all article under to another forum..etc for administrator

    We are going from invisionboard to bbpress due to easy customization on wordpress. I do think functions above are very important to make your mod attract more big forum guys move over 🙂

    Please wait...
    • Option to duplicate/copy topics is coming in 4.0. As for other things, I am open to adding them, but some things were planned for bbPress core updates and at the moment are too big to undertake through my plugin. I am adding them to the list anyway. If time permits, maybe I can do something to batch move topics from forum to forum.

      Please wait...
  4. I must say that bbpress is still a very basic forum ~ (maybe a good business sign for you though)

    one more suggestion and feature that we use often (we run a forum with 800K posts) is “Lock post” , since you will add “Lock individual forums.”, maybe it is a good idea to do it as well

    I also just look over 26 pages of plugin list on, there is NO “facebook like” integrate into forum post, wow and why not? maybe not many ppl use forum with wordpress ;p

    More, remove all posts of single subscriber in easier way, ppl need this OFTEN because spammers flood forum all the time

    Lastly, I personally won;t put too much efforts on attachment stuffs because if you check many medium/big (not huge) size of forums, FEW of them really allow memebrs to upload files/images into their own servers. We do not allow it either, forum users use flickr and free imagehosting all the time

    just my 2cents 🙂

    Please wait...
    • Yes, bbPress is basic forum and that is a good thing, not everyone needs everything forums in general have to offer. bbPress also has admin side, and there you can easily remove large number of topics filtered by forum or user, so no need to add this to front end, since only admins have right to do that, they can do it from admin side. I have added topic lock to list of features and it all depends on time I have for next version.

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  5. just to add that “lock single post” is not like the closing old topics with no activity for a long time you have now
    usually on popular forum, ppl always go like this : discuss->argue->fight ;p , to that point admin have to close/lock that single post..etc

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    • Yes, I know.

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  6. did not see you reply already, thanks 🙂

    please do consider facebook ‘s “like” function too, Facebook everywhere nowadays

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    • Right now I don’t plan to add social network integrations, before today no one asked for it, and there are many more features with higher priority to go through first.

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  7. btw, I do not see that my bbpress 2.5.8 has admin side, maybe it is because we install buddypress too?

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    • It adds 3 menus on the admin side: Forums, Topics and Replies, and adds pages to Tools and Settings too.

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  8. not sure this is a already-have or not, maybe add “report content to admin” button?

    Please wait...
    • This is on extended feature map for 4.0, and will be added if there is enough time.

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  9. Hi Milan
    something regarding private reply

    I replied to you earlier on your forum with private reply option checked, after I click submit, there is no sign to show me that it is successfully become a private message. I saw my reply is presented just as normal as other replies, I felt insecure and tried to look over everywhere to see is there anything wrong…etc maybe it is a good idea to make private reply shown in different color to me (someone whos replied) as well in addition to others


    Please wait...
    • Plugin adds CSS class to the reply and topic when they are set as private, so it can be targetted to set different color. I will see about adding default styling with different color for next version.

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