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Coming Soon: Dev4Press Network v6

Development of the new Dev4Press Network website is underway, and it is scheduled to go live in about two weeks. The main goal is to update the design, make the website easier to use and to better organize plugins information.

Here is the preview of the new header for the Dev4Press support website:


There are many things that will be different with the new website. Here is the list of changes that will end up on the new Dev4Press website:

  • New design. Using Foundation 6.2. Using Roboto fonts family.
  • Reorganized main website to include only the blog and important information (terms and policies).
  • Plugins Pack is now Dev4Press Plugins Club.
  • The major changes to the main plugins website.
  • New translation website where you can join in the translation of the plugins to different languages

Most changes are done with the main plugins domain.

  • All websites for individual plugins will be gone. The content from these domains will be merged into the main plugins website. This will allow us to have only a single place where all information about the plugin can be found.
  • Some plugins will get Benchmarks to measure the performance impact the plugin has on the website.
  • Expanded features information for each plugin, with more screenshots.

New translations website will finally bring back the GlotPress powered translations hub where all users can contribute.

  • Translation policy page will be added explaining how the translations will work.
  • New contact form to request new language to be added for any of the plugins.
  • Translators will be rewarded by extended time for plugin licenses. More information will be available on launch.

There are more things coming, and if all goes as planned, the new website will be launched on November 17, 2016.

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