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Coming Soon: GD Press Tools Pro 5.0

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is entering the final stage of development. Version 5.0 will be a clean break from the old plugin with many more new features, and it will continue its life as 3 separate plugins.

GD Press Tools has grown too much over time, too many features were added for one plugin to make it maintainable. So, a while back I have decided to split plugin into 3 smaller (but still quite big) plugins. The main collection of tools will remain under the name of GD Press Tools Pro. This plugin will include following features: events log, SMTP tools, toolbar tools, debugger, tweaks, cleanup, maintenance mode, backup. GD SEO Toolbox Pro is already released in November and it contains SEO related tools. GD Security Toolbox Pro will be released in the same time with GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 and will include all security related tools that will be significantly expanded over the old GD Press Tools Pro. When all 3 plugins are completed they will have roughly twice as many features as current GD Press Tools Pro.

Several features will be gone from the plugin or they will be replaced with something else. This is mostly related to security. One feature will be completely removed: tracking of when each post is viewed. This feature might be made again down the road when some better method for this is devised, for now, it will be removed. The new plugin is 100% written from scratch, and it is not compatible with old plugin. Unfortunately, there will be no way to transfer settings from the old plugin, but the new plugin will be more streamlined and easier to setup.

All users that purchased (and still have active license for it) GD Press Tools Pro before version 5.0 is officially released will get GD SEO Toolbox Pro and GD Security Toolbox Pro plugins for free, for as long as the original GD Press Tools Pro license is valid and active. This offer doesn’t extend to GD Press Tools Pro licenses obtained from giveaways or promotions.

I have decided to temporarily stop selling GD Press Tools Pro until 5.0 is released. The old plugin is still fully supported, but there will be no fixes or changes coming before 5.0. Current plans are to have GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 released in mid-February. Development of the plugin is going really well, and I don’t expect many problems (they can still happen, especially when I reach the backup development stage).

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