New GD Press Tools Pro major version (5.1) is coming out next week. This version will include 3 new built-in addons, new Information panels, many improvements and new settings and many improvements for backups.

Version 5.1 is scheduled for early next week (Tuesday, May 3, 2016). Work on it is mostly completed, and here is what will include:

  • New addon: Google Analytics integration – it will include few advanced options for dimensions assignment, loading of some Google Analytics plugins and few more settings.
  • New addon: OPcache control and information – if your server uses Zend OPcache (included with PHP 5.5 and newer by default), you can see information about it, used memory and other statistics. It also includes the option to clear the OPcache (with Toolbar menu shortcut).
  • New addon: Database overview and control – it will show the status of all WordPress database tables and it will include options to optimize them, repair, remove or empty (depending on the table).
  • Backup improvements – option to remove transients before backup, option to set the maximum length of INSERT query, improvements to the backups and tasks grid for better filtering.
  • Information improvements – plugin can show the detailed status of Memcache and Memcached extensions. There are some tweaks for the other panels and information displayed.

The new version will include various minor improvements and few bugs will be fixed too (backup related mostly). If you find any new bugs, please, let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.

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