GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is coming along nicely, and at this point, all of the plugin features are outlined and already completed or in development. This post lists all the planned features along with plans for GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is created as Network first plugin. It is designed to work with the multisite and normal websites. But, there are some nice additional features that will only work in the multisite mode. Every plugin feature can be network only, individual blog only, both network and individual blog. If you run normal (not multisite version) WordPress, you will have all features. There are some features that are network specific. And finally, there is powerful Overload mode for network setup where you can force some of the individual blog features to all blogs at once. This includes cleanup, tweaks, and few other things. This way you can adjust some tweaks and force them to all sites in the network. So, if you have normal WordPress website, you will have all the features plugins has. In the multisite mode, you have overload mode plus tweaks and cleanup that are relevant only in multisite.

GD Security Toolbox Pro will follow a similar structure. Most of the plugin features will be available to super admins only because it is not a good idea to have many admins messing with the security. Also, many security features in multisite mode can be set globally only (there is only one .htaccess file for all blogs in the network).

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0

Core features

  • Addon architecture
  • Events log
  • Notifications center
  • Geolocation & WhoIs

Main Addons

  • SMTP Control
  • Post Duplicator
  • Maintenance Mode
  • WP Toolbar Menu
  • WP Dashboard Widgets
  • Debugger
  • Cleanup (20+ tools)
  • Tweaks (50+ tweaks)
  • Backup
  • Short URL
  • CRON Control

Network Only Addons

  • Overload Mode
  • Network Cleanup (3+ tools)
  • Network Tweaks (5+ tweaks)

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0

Core Features

  • Addon architecture
  • Security events log
  • Events log analyzer
  • Notifications center
  • Registration control
  • Geolocation & WhoIs
  • Ban & Unban IP’s
  • Auto ban IP rules

Main Addons

  • Htaccess Control (12+ tools)
  • Security Tweaks (10+ tweaks)
  • Live Monitor
  • Live Notifications
  • reCaptcha Protection
  • Login Limiter
  • Various Tools
  • Sucuri Scanner
  • VirusTotal Scanner

This is not a final list, and more features are expected to end up in the stable releases for both plugins. The third plugin in this group is GD SEO Toolbox Pro, and it is already available. And it will soon get some new features too. Current GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 development is progressing very well and so far the plugin core features and half of the addons are completed. GD Security Toolbox Pro has most of the features completed already, and currently is in testing and preparation for final development stage.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0, GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0 and GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.0 will be released in the second half of February 2016.

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GD Press Tools Pro
Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.
GD Security Toolbox Pro
A collection of many security related tools for .htaccess hardening with security events log, ReCaptcha, firewall, and tweaks collection, login and registration control and more.
GD SEO Toolbox Pro
Plugin with many search engine optimization modules for Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Robots Meta and Knowledge Graph control, and Social networks (Facebook and Twitter) support and Tweaks.
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