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Preview #1: GD Content Tools Pro 5.0, Meta Fields

As announced before, GD Content Tools Pro will be a plugin to replace old GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin. And, here is the preview #1 for the new plugin, focusing on meta fields and meta boxes support.

Simple Meta Field
Simple Meta Field

Basic Fields

The plugin contains 30 basic data fields: Text, HTML, Boolean, Select, Checkboxes, Time, Date, Image, DateTime… Each of these contains different settings. In contrast to an old plugin, new plugin basic fields are using a different way to store data into database among other updates.

Simple Meta Fields

New plugins system for handling meta fields and meta boxes will quite different from the same feature in the old plugin. The image on the right shows the form for adding a new Simple Meta Field. This type of field can contain single meta element, and this image shows the Time field.

The form is color coded to better distinguish between different settings each field needs and has. Depending on the field type, you can have different settings. Each field can be set as required, and it can be the repeater. But, repeater allows you to limit the number of repeated copies of the field for adding data.

When you transfer data from the old plugin, all fields will be transferred into this Simple Field version. The plugin will try to have full compatibility with old plugin meta fields. But, a lot of new features can’t be applied to old fields.

Custom Meta Field
Custom Meta Field

Custom Meta Fields

This type of field is quite different, and you can add one or more basic fields into each new custom meta field.

Custom field has basic settings to name the field and configure it. But, each custom field can have one or more basic fields inside. This way you can create complex fields like Address with separate basic fields for street, city, postal code…

Meta Boxes

Each meta box can contain different custom/simple meta fields. There is a special Legacy Box that is compatible with old plugin Meta boxes, and once you transfer meta settings from the old plugin, it will use this Legacy format.

One of the main changes is that meta boxes can be used for editing terms and users too. Terms meta editing will require WordPress 4.5 or newer.

What’s next?

Currently, 60% of the plugin development is completed.

In the next 3-4 days everything related to meta boxes and fields will be completed. Transfer of settings from the old plugin is in the development and if all goes as planned, the plugin will be completed in about 2 weeks. There will be a Beta testing phase to make sure data transfer works as expected, and only after that, there will be a final stable release.

New preview is coming out in the next 2-3 days.

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GD Content Tools Pro
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