As announced before, GD Content Tools Pro will be a plugin to replace old GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin. And, here is the preview #2 for the new plugin, focusing on meta boxes integration for terms, posts and users.

Massive metabox preview
Massive metabox preview

Last time in the previous preview you have seen how the administration for adding fields and boxes looks like. Now, here is the preview of the editor integrated into post edit screen with repeater fields, different field types, and locations. Controls are fully responsive, and they work with screen size.

Metabox in the post editor

The image on the left shows a long metabox with many fields, including some advanced fields like the rich text editor, FontAwesome icon selection, image and file selection, units, currencies, dimensions and more.

The plugin will have more than 30 fields, and currently, work is done on content based fields for adding relations to posts, terms, and users, some handling for more advanced fields and proper sanitation of input data to avoid various security issues that might happen with malicious data attempts.

One thing not displayed on this previous image is the use of repeaters and use of complex meta fields. Most field types will support the use of repeaters so you can enter more than one value for such field. On the other side, we will have custom meta fields that can be made from more than one simple field to create more complex structures. This will be included in the next preview.

And, metaboxes can be added to terms and users too through the admin side editors, and that is significant update over the old plugin.

Responsive Metabox
Responsive Metabox

Responsive metabox and metabox in sidebar area

When you put meta box into post editor sidebar area, or you use it on the small screen, metabox will reorganize its content and it is fully responsive. This goes for all fields inside, with some limitations related to rich TinyMCE editor that will behave responsive as possible (this is related to WordPress, we can’t do much about it).

The image on the right shows how this responsive layout looks like. Datetime picker is fitting nicely into the small space, and you can use the touch interface to control it. The small layout is different, with labels display on top of the fields, and everything is done to make it look better with the small space we have to display fields.

Time Field
Time Field

Date and Time fields

Time field shows only time selection with the slider elements. The plugin includes 5 date and time-based fields: Date time, Date only, Time only, Month and Year.Each of these uses visual datetime picker that is also fully responsive.

Each of these uses visual datetime picker that is also fully responsive. Each field allows you to change how the data is stored in the database (timestamp and various versions of dates).

Next Preview

Preview #3 will show how the custom meta fields and repeaters look like and how the developers can use plugin objects and functions to display the meta data stored for posts, terms or users.

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  1. Yet another great plugin by you Milan. I’ve been looking for such plugin to easily display post meta on anywhere on the front-end.

    Looking forward to the final release.


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    1. MillaN says:

      Thanks! More previews coming next week, plugin should be released in about 2 weeks.

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      1. Milan, thanks for the update.

        Just to let you know, I am right now writing a review on your plugin GD SEO Toolbox Pro, will update you once it’s published. 🙂

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        1. MillaN says:

          Excellent, let me know when it is done.

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