In the next 2-3 weeks, GD Knowledge Base Pro will be updated to the major 3.0 version that will include new content types, better base styling, analytics tools, feedback comments and more.

After few months of planning, discussions and testing, work is underway on the next major version of GD Knowledge Base Pro. Version 3.0 will brings a lot of new features, improvements, better default styling, testing with a wider range of themes and much more. But, the first new element is the main plugin Dashboard that will show you an overview of the knowledge base content, looking something like this:

New dashboard
New dashboard

GD Knowledge Base Pro is used extensively on Dev4Press Support website, and the number of users using this plugin is also growing in the past few months. From our own experience and needs, and from many questions and suggestions from plugin users, upcoming version 3.0 will almost double in size, and it will include new content types, analytics, improved feedback, better default styling and much more.

Here is the short overview of all new features:

  • Content type: User Guides
  • Content type: Reference
  • Taxonomy: Reference¬†Topic
  • Admin panel: Dashboard
  • Admin panel: Analytics
  • Admin panel: Feedback
  • Database table to track views
  • Database table to track feedback
  • Database table to track search
  • Many Live Search improvements
  • Improve widgets and shortcodes
  • New widgets and shortcodes for new content types
  • Improved default templates styling
  • Testing with many more themes

So far, about 50% od these features are completely implemented, a lot of old code is improved and reconfigured to use new database tables, and as it stands right now, version 3.0 should be ready in about 3 weeks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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