One of the frequently used features in almost every forum is for adding polls to the thread or topic for users to vote and participate in the discussion. And, the new plugin is coming soon to implement polls in bbPress.

Polls that go into topics (or posts, or threads, depending on the forum software) have a single question and multiple choices for readers to choose from. These polls can be very effective to improve the topic discussion and to present readers opinions in the compact and easy to understand way.

Example of poll results
Example of poll results

New plugin, currently in development, will be released on Dev4Press later this month. This new plugin will include easy to use the system for managing polls. Polls will be part of the topic, and each poll will be a single question, with multiple choices for users to choose from. When creating the poll, the author will be able to set various options to control voting, including when the poll will be closed, who can vote and more.

The plugin will include default templates for rendering forms and poll, and many things will be configurable to allow you to make polls the way you want them to look like, and fit them with your theme. There will be a set of global settings to adjust various things with the polls display. On the admin side, the plugin will have grids to list polls and votes.

This new plugin is currently in development, it is close to 60% done, and it is expected to be released before April 20, 2017. The plugin will be released as a premium plugin only, with price starting from $25.00 for a Personal license. As with the previous plugin (GD Topic Prefix Pro), you can expect a special discount if you have active GD Topic Prefix Pro or GD bbPress Toolbox Pro license.

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