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Coming Soon: GD Content Tools Pro 5.4

GD Content Tools Pro, version 5.4 will be released soon, and it contains massive updates to the meta boxes and meta fields, along with several important bug fixes and many more updates.

New plugin version focuses on improving the meta boxes and fields system. This includes enhancements for various meta fields, big changes to the date and time fields and much more. You can see the overview of changes listed below the image.

Updated Multi Select field
Updated Multi-Select field
  • Use of Select2 jQuery library to enhance dropdown controls
  • Multi Select and Select fields work as the lookup fields
  • Multi Select and Select fields can get data using AJAX from server
  • Multi Select and Checkboxes fields can limit the number of selected items
  • Posts, Terms and Users fields can use enhanced dropdown control
  • Posts, Terms and Users fields can limit the number of selected items
  • Flatpickr library replacing AirDatepicker library
  • Month and Year meta fields use simpler controls instead of datepicker
  • Completely rewritten About plugin page
  • Various updates and changes
  • Several important bugs fixed

The new version will be released later this month, but, if you want to help us test it, the Alpha version is released. Do not use it on live websites, it is only for testing! Let me know in the comments or in the support forums if you find any issues with the plugin.

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