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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.2: Beta

All the planned features for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.2 are implemented. But, to make sure that everything is OK, here is the Beta release to test on development websites.

If no major issues are found with this release, the stable version will be released on May 28, 2018.

This Beta version is not ready for the use on the live websites, it might contain serious bugs! Use only for testing purposes only on staging or localhost development servers!
Attachments upload directory options
Attachments upload directory options

Here are some of the highlights of the features in the new version:

  • Change upload directory for Attachments
  • Privacy module to hide IP’s and stop logging them
  • Search Widget (can search only current forum)
  • Select roles to use canned replies
  • Show search form on top of each forum and topic
  • Hide user profile from non-logged in visitors
  • Various updates and fixes.

Please, take some time and test the new version, and report any issues you find.

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  1. Release Candidate (RC) is released. It includes new Privacy module and tools.

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