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Dev4Press Library 3.0

The main component of all Dev4Press plugins is a Dev4Press Library. And, in the past few months, this library has been completely rewritten and modernized, and version 3.0 is now part of the two plugins.

If you are using Dev4Press plugins, you might know that at the core of every plugin is a shared code library called Dev4Press Library. It includes many base/abstract classes, functions, CSS and JS, fonts and many more things that most plugin uses, and it is better to keep all that in one place, instead of having each plugin holding a lot of repeated code. All plugins share the same interface, thanks to the Dev4Press Library.

Now, with version 3.0 there are some very significant changes, making this version almost a complete rewrite of the library. The image here shows the new Settings panel with some visual updates, but now with the ‘All Settings’ page where all settings for the plugin are displayed and include the search option to find the option among all the settings.

New settings panel based on Dev4Press Library 3.0

Here is the overview of all changes:

  • All old classes have been removed.
  • New PHP classes are now all classified using namespaces, and they are all loaded using PHP autoloader. Some of the new classes are based on the old library.
  • All the functions have been reorganized.
  • New functions added for bbPress and BuddyPress.
  • FontAwesome font has been removed.
  • New font now includes all the icons needed for the interface, based on FontAwesome 5.
  • All the CSS and JS files have been reorganized.
  • CSS is now completely rewritten using SCSS.
  • The admin shared interface is 100% rewritten and reorganized to allow for more shared panels content and easier extensibility.
  • Various visual updates to the shared interface.
  • More translations are now part of the shared library.

The first two plugins to get the new library are GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress, version 2.1 and GD Topic Polls Pro for bbPress, version 3.0. GD Topic Polls Pro plugin was used as a main development plugin for the new library, and some of the work was previously deployed in GD Quantum Theme Pro 2.0, with a new 2.1 version getting full 3.0 library. Both plugins updates will be released in the next few days.

As for other plugins, the plan is to transition all the plugins to the new library. But, that is not going to be easy or fast, so first, the smaller plugins will be upgrades with Dev4Press Library 3.0, and this year that will be done with 3 to 5 plugins, and work will continue next year for more plugins. There is no ETA for this work.

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