The First Beta version for the upcoming GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.0 is now available. The stable version will be released soon, hopefully in the next two weeks. In the meantime, more Beta versions will be released as needed.

This is a Beta release, and it is not considered stable, it may contain bugs and it is not suitable for live websites. Use it only on the development, localhost, or staging websites for testing purposes!

The ultimate plan for all Dev4Press plugins is to fully modernize them according to the plan unveiled last year. So far, 3 plugins have been updated to use the new Dev4Press Library v3, and few more will be transitioned this year. But, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is a huge plugin, very complex and it is unrealistic to convert everything at once.

So, this process has started with this 6.0 version, and more work will be done later this year, with the plan to have Version 7.0 next year fully transitioned to the new format and specs.

Check out the previous announcement for more information about the changes in the 6.0: Getting ready for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.0

Features panel in version 6.0
Features panel in version 6.0

This first Beta version is expected to still have bugs, and it requires more testing, especially with the automated migration for the plugin settings that will be done as soon as the new version is installed and loaded for the first time. So, if you notice any issues with the settings migration (you have a feature set up, but after the update is disabled or broken), please report the issues through the support forums. To download the beta version, use Dev4Press Updater, or download the ZIP from the plugin download page (scroll to find Beta section).

Finally, check out the few videos (and more will be added in the next days leading to the 6.0 release) introducing the new Features panel, changes in the Settings organization and how to use some of the Features:

Right now, the plugin is scheduled to be released on May 14, 2020. If the bug fixing takes more time, it will be moved by a few days. At least 2 more Beta versions will be released before the stable release get’s ready.

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  1. MillaN says:

    Beta #2 has been released with various updates and fixes.

    Please wait...
  2. yashvirgaming says:

    Hello Sir, Can you please fix that hide tag in GD BBpress toolbox Pro, its not working [hide] content [/content]

    even this one [hide hide=”reply”][/hide]
    members says even after replied, they aren’t able to see the content, its still stays hidden.
    How to fix that Sir.

    Please Sir. reply asap ?

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      Please, open new topic in the support forum, and include information about the version you are using, and we can continue the discussion there. Support is provided through forums only.

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      1. yashvirgaming says:

        hello i already did but no one seems concerned mate, no one helped me.
        please walk me through would ya ?

        Please wait...
        1. MillaN says:

          You posted in the wrong forum (for a free plugin that doesn’t even have this option), and I replied there too, despite I am thinking you using the pirated/nulled version of the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. I provide support only to the users that have valid and active license for the plugin. Despite that, I will fix the plugin issue in the next plugin update.

          I don’t get what you expect from me, to help you how?

          Please wait...

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