Version 4.0 of GD Rating System Pro, is the biggest and most important update since the plugin was released back in 2015. And, this first Beta version is released to make sure that all the changes are working properly before released as stable in February.

Version 4.0 includes long changelog with over 50 items listed. And, there are more then 10 bugs fixed in this release, some very hard to reproduce, but in the past three months of development, a lot of things have been tested. And, a lot of deprecated functions and methods have been removed (everything from before version 3.5).

Do not use this beta version on the live websites, this should be used on development and staging websites only! Please, report any issues you run into, especially in relation to the upgrade.

So, here is what this version 4.0 brings:

  • Three new database tables. A lot of data in the meta tables are now stored in new tables. This improves the plugin performance by a great margin over the previous versions, it minimizes the need for caching complex queries, data is better organized and it opens the door for new features in the future.
  • Performance improvements. Not only the queries improvements, but the plugin includes better in memory caching, optimized number of executed queries.
  • Vote limits rewritten. Previously, plugin was able to limit votes using basic controls: single vote, single vote with revotes and multiple votes. But, now, this has been changed and plugin has time based limits – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Rich Snippets Addon updates. With the changes Google introduced since the September, GD Rating System Pro has been compliant. But, now, plugin has support for 3 more snippet types Google supports for ratings: Software, Mobile and Web applications.
  • JS and CSS files loading. The changes with this started few versions ago, and now, the plugin has complete solution for loading JS and CSS when needed, with both full and partial scripts and styles. And, all files are registered when plugin loads, and it provides better control for files enqueue process.
Vote limits in GD Rating System Pro 4.0

The reason for this Beta is the upgrade process that is going to move a lot of data from the meta tables into new tables. This is done using SQL upgrade queries, and it will delete data from meta tables. Since all this are breaking changes, plugin will be put into maintenance mode (no voting will be possible), and you need to run the upgrade process before the voting will be possible again.

And, due to the nature of the changes, all the addons for the plugin have been updated too. They are all released as Beta’s, and you need to upgrade all the addons you might use along with the main plugin.

Do not use this beta version on the live websites, this should be used on development and staging websites only! Please, report any issues you run into, especially in relation to the upgrade.

Known issues currently with the Beta release:

  • Few problems with some of the shortcodes
  • Few problems with some of the widgets

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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