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Development plans for the rest of this year

There are 4 months remaining in 2021, and with the major new website version available today, with a lot of other work already done for various plugins, it is the right time to make the announcement about development plans for the rest of this year.

This list contains only major releases planned for our plugins. But, this list is mostly provisional, and it might be changed, and some releases can get delayed. Also, there are other things in the works, so some announced plugins updates might pop up before the end of this year.

Updated Dev4Press Support forums using upcoming GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress

September 2021

The biggest release this year is due in early September, and there are few more major releases planned.

  • GD Knowledge Base Pro 5.0September 13
  • GD Quantum Theme Pro 3.0 for bbPress – September 20
  • DebugPress 1.8

October 2021

  • GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.6October 11
  • BreadcrumbsPress Pro 3.1 and Lite 1.1October 25
  • GD Forum Notices Pro 1.3 for bbPress – October 14 – October 14
  • GD SEO Toolbox Pro 3.6 – October 29

November 2021

  • GD Security Toolbox Pro 2.9
  • GD Knowedge Base Pro 5.1

December 2021

Right now, two plugins are sure to get major updates this month

  • GD Rating System Pro 4.6 and Lite 3.5Last week of the month
  • GD Press Tools Pro 6.2

This list is not set in stone, and changes are possible, and more plugins will get new versions if needed. Also, minor releases can be expected for most of the Dev4Press plugins if bugs need to be fixed, or other updates applied. Depending on the free time, the plan is to do work for the next major release for GD Mail Queue Pro and Lite plugins. Hopefully, the next major update will drop in November or December.

As usual, if you have suggestions for new features, for any of our plugins, stop by the support forums and open a new topic for your suggestions.

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