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Plans for GD Content Tools Pro after 6.0

Now that version 6.0 has been released, I would like to talk a bit more about plans for the plugin that will cover this and next year (hopefully, most of this can be done this year, but it is hard to promise something like that).

Before going any further, these are features I would like to have done, sort of a roadmap for the plugin that will start with version 6.1 and should cover the next 6 or 7 major updates for this plugin.

  1. Update plugin for latest Dev4Press shared library
  2. Further update and modernize plugin code base
  3. More Block Editor related features
  4. Rewrite old style widgets as blocks
  5. Filtering based on the metabox fields

There is a lot of work involved with everything on this list, and I would like to get feedback for some of it, especially the filtering part. Many users requested that feature, but so far, I have not seen any good suggestions on how that should work and look.

When it comes to filters, there are many things to consider:

  1. Not all fields are useful (or practical) for filtering.
  2. There are many ways to filter data, and some can be quite complex, involving conditions beyond ‘AND’.
  3. The plugin has complex fields that are made from individual simple fields, making filtering of such fields very, very complicated.
  4. Visual representation of the filter controls will highly depend on filtering methodology.
  5. Use of filters inside the bbPress forums can be very challenging to implement.

What I am sure of right now, is that the first version of the filtering system would be able to work with a subset of field types, it would be based on the AND condition (all enabled filters would have to match), and it will not be able to work with complex/custom fields. The goal would be to have it ready for bbPress as soon as possible too, and I have some ideas on bbPress integration that make sense for forums.

I have no dates set in stone to work on any of these, but I need more feedback on these features, especially filters, and I would like to see some suggestions related to how to handle the filter visually, how to handle some specific field types and how to make it usable for most use cases, without going deep into the rabbit hole by trying to implement too much.

Let me know here in the comments, or better yet, in the support forum for this plugin.

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3 thoughts on “Plans for GD Content Tools Pro after 6.0”

  1. hello just purchased again this amazing plugin . good code for sure.
    i think you could try to build filter for basic field and you could considerate to add integration with such tool if it can be held
    user could select in field backend if this field can be filtered (yes or no) and searchable (yes or no).
    filter widget could be at the side of the page and according category.
    lets imagine : some filters appears in specific category and other filters for an another category
    gvectors use a specific page : but i think a widget is better.
    thank you

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    • Hey,

      Thanks for the suggestions. With all the fields, I will for sure start with the subset that would be easier to work with, and custom fields (fields that have subfields) will not be taken into account at all, until much later, because I have no idea how to handle that. The most likely scenario is adding a new panel similar to the meta boxes panel, where the filter/search would be built (fields selected for it), and it would be used to generate the code for integration or whatever is going to be done with it.


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      • yes perfect idea i think

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