To celebrate the release of brand new GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0, we are having a giveaway for our brand new Dev4Press T-Shirt. The giveaway will run for 10 days, starting today, and we will select 3 winners.

This is our first T-Shirt, and we have decided to give 3 T-Shirts celebrating the release of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 plugin. Read the official rules here:

  • Giveaway ends on Friday, October 16, 2015 at noon (CET time zone).
  • To enter the giveaway, you need to share the link to this page on Twitter and follow @milangd Twitter account.
  • You can retweet the message every day until the giveaway ends to increase your chances for win.
  • 3 winners will be picked at random on Monday, October 19, 2015.
  • We will contact winners via Twitter Direct Message, and they need to respond within 7 days after the announcement to be eligible for the price.
  • T-Shirts will be sent via registered mail, so each winner must provide us with a valid postal address.
  • Prices will be sent at the latest 2 weeks after the winners are announced.

Here is the message you need to share on Twitter.

Retweet and follow for a chance to win: Dev4Press T-Shirt Giveaway #wordpress #bbpress #giveaway via @milangd

Or, you can simply click the button to share on Twitter:

Here is the mockup image of the T-Shirt that awaits for 3 winners. T-Shirt is available in black only, and you can pick the size: S, M, L, XL.

Dev4Press T-Shirt, front and back
Dev4Press T-Shirt, front and back


The giveaway is now over, and here is the list of winners. All winners are contacted via Twitter direct message about T-Shirt delivery. Thanks to everyone for participating, and I wish you more luck in the future.

To check out more about GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 check out this release post, or explore all plugin features.

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