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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 1.6.4 Pro / 1.1.3 Lite

Both versions of the plugin are updated and few more custom post types related features and functions are added. To Pro edition another new feature is added allowing you to display custom taxonomies as columns on edit grids for all post types similar to categories and tags.

Custom Taxonomies Columns
Custom Taxonomies Columns

Custom post types are expanded with singular label for both Lite and Pro. And few more functions are added for caching terms and getting list of assigned taxonomies.

But, most important change is added to Pro edition. For each custom taxonomy you have a new option at the bottom of the taxonomy edition where you can enable or disable displaying it as a column on post edit grid. This works for post and custom post types, similar to default behavior of categories and tags. To make this work I also added function that will trigger caching of terms for custom post types, since it’s not yet implemented in the WP core.

Pro version will get more features over time, while Lite is stuck to this basic features and will be updated only for bug fixes. Maybe some minor new things will be added to Lite, but nothing major. Check out Features for both versions to see what you will get if you switch to Pro.

As usual, few more minor bugs are fixed for better WP 3.0 compatibility and few types from previous versions.

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