Once again, specifications for custom post types and custom taxonomies is changed in WordPress 3.0 This time changes allow for more flexibility, but require many things to be updated in this plugin to take advantage of that. Both Pro and Lite editions are updated.

This latest version of the plugin needs WP 3.0 nightly builds released after beta 2 to work. Nothing is changed for support for WP 2.8 / 2.9, and that will continue to work as it was before. New changes allow for deeper capabilities support and also more elaborate support for different labels. But, to make things easier, with this plugin, you need to set only to labels (singular and plural), and plugin can generate the rest of the labels automatically. Capabilities are also pre-filled, and you don’t need to change them.

Hopefully, these are the last changes before WP 3.0 is released. In the next two versions of the plugin, I will add few more settings for custom post types and expand terms widget to support drop down list display.

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