This new release is focused on improving the taxonomies widgets. Both widgets are expanded with few more options to hide empty and exclude terms, and list widget now can display terms in the form of the drop down list with regard to the hierarchy.

For drop down to work with all taxonomies, an existing function for dropdown for categories was not too flexible, so I added a new function that improves on the original one. Main widget class is also improved to handle some of the new options. And, both Pro and Lite got the same updates.

Next week WordPress 3.0 RC1 will be released, and in about the same time this plugin will get major releases. Pro version 2.0, and Lite version 1.2 will have few more custom post options, various small improvements and code cleanup. But, Pro version will get another widget allowing display of drop down boxes for all taxonomies in a single widget as an ultimate taxonomies navigation for websites that use many taxonomies.

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