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New versions of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro edition adds new interesting special feature for taxonomies and a feature I needed for a long time, to add link to term archive on the taxonomy terms edit panel. It’s added for default and custom taxonomies.

You can see how that looks on the image on the right, last option View is newely added one. For custom taxonomies, this is added as a special feature. For default taxonomies (post tags and categories), it’s added as an option othe plugin Settings panel.

If you have any more problems, please report them in the forum or in comments.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools:

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  1. Niraj says:

    I have a problem using permalinks
    i added two taxonomies Courses and Location
    Now i want that it should appear on my post’s permalink
    which was previously some thing like this


    and now i want this way


    when i set this go to the website i get url this way


    why is this happening so?

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  2. MillaN says:

    You can’t use more than one taxonomy in a URL. Rewrite engine in WP is powerful, but limited, since resolving such URL can be extremely complicated. But, even with the limitations, it can be done with adding additional custom rules and functions to resolve them. I didn’t tried this but I am very sure that custom rewrite rules are only thing that can help here. As far as I know there will be no mixed taxonomies rewrite rules in WP.

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  3. Niraj says:

    i am not getting you
    see this is what i have


    nd inside courses i have this


    My question is that how can i get that permalink work?

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    1. MillaN says:

      Your example from previous comment is clear enough, but it can’t be done. WordPress can’t use rewrite rules with more than one taxonomy. If you need that you must implement additional rewrite rules.

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  4. Niraj says:

    how to implement additional rewrite rules?
    where i have to do the coding part?
    my coding knowledge is weak, so how to code it
    just give me little bit clue i ll move forward then

    and one more thing if i go with the pro version of this plugin then will the permalink work?

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  5. MillaN says:

    Rewrite rules are very complex, especially for something you need. And Pro version will not implement something like that because it can’t be implemented universally, it must be made for specific case.

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  6. Niraj says:

    so it means there is no other solution rather then this
    thanks for your help

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    1. MillaN says:

      Only solution are customized rewrite rules.

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  7. Niraj says:

    sorry to ask you this but can you do this for me?
    i am not understanding what to do?
    or else can you guide mr how to do?
    i know you might be busy, but can you give any reference to website from which i can understand cause i searched some are telling to edit rewrite.php some are telling to edit .htaccess
    can you help me out in this

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    1. MillaN says:

      You can contact me on milan@gdragon.info for info on custom work.

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