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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 2.3 Pro

New major release for GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugin is here. There are two new features (improved validation and importing of terms) and number of improvements and fixes. As usual, all new features are only for Pro version.

When you create new post type or taxonomy, plugin will check name against the list of restricted keywords to ensure that there will be no conflict with default WordPress features. I accidentally create taxonomy AUTHOR, and it wasn’t working properly because WP uses same word for rewriting author pages. With new version of the plugin, these things will not happen.

New panel Tools is added, and has one tool: Import Terms. From plain text file you can import terms for selected taxonomy. Taxonomy can be hierarchical. In the info folder with the plugin you have a two example files for both flat list and hierarchical list. List can contain existing terms, they will be skipped (or used to identify hierarchy). Some things in the interface are improved and cleaned up. There will be some more changes soon to change some of the strings and make the more consistent.

I got question from many user of Lite edition about adding some of the Pro edition features into Lite edition. I say one more time: that’s not going to happen. Lite version will be maintained, fixed when needed and updated to support new versions of WordPress. But no new features will be added. All that will be for Pro edition only.

Please, test new features and report problems in the forum or in comments.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools:

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