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GD Press Tools 3.0.1 Pro / 2.3.5 Lite

And, first releases in 2010 are new versions of GD Press Tools. Both Pro and Lite editions are updated and contain many changes and improvements, with Pro version getting another brand new feature. And Pro edition gets first translation, Spanish.

To both versions I added number of database related improvements and notices to inform user about problems in creating backup folder, and accessing it. Without that, PHP was reporting warnings and errors. Also, several spelling and typos are corrected in both versions. Many minor fixes are included and several minor cosmetic changes to some parts of the code.

Pro version got new feature. You can disable WordPress default dashboard widgets from Widgets tab on the Settings panel. This will disable widgets for all users and hide them even from Screen Options area.

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GD Press Tools Pro plugin for WordPress
Powerful administration plugin for WordPress

Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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4 thoughts on “GD Press Tools 3.0.1 Pro / 2.3.5 Lite”

  1. Hi Millan…

    I wanted to have a T2 template that will allow me to build a short code for rendering:

    Posts with images based on the most viewed function of GD press tools.

    Is this currently available? Do I need to upgrade to GD press tools pro?

    Let me know.


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  2. GD Press Tools doesn’t have inside or use T2 templates. In any case T2 development is finished, and I am currently working on gdT3 templates system currently used in GD aZon FUSION plugin, and will also be used in GD Star Rating 2.0 and GD Simple Widgets 3.0 Pro.

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    • Still a little lost but maybe you can clarify.

      1) is there anyway to render most viewed posts outside of the current gdpress tools widget?

      2) Should I hold off building more complex functions with the hopes that the gdT3 templates will address this issue?

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      • GD Press Tools also don’t have any widgets inside. Widget that uses post views from this plugin is actually part of GD Simple Widgets plugin. Pro version of this plugin uses T2. And as I said, 3.0 versiong GD Simple Widgets Pro will use gdT3.

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