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GD Press Tools 3.2.1 Pro / 2.4.3 Lite

Once again double release for GD Press Tools, both Pro and Lite are updated. Lite has few WP 3.0 related changes, and both editions got 2 new functions for getting tracking views data for posts and users. Pro edition has a new meta tag tool for verification tags.

Pro EditioN: Meta tags for verification
Pro EditioN: Meta tags for verification

For tracking views there are two functions added and I will post a tutorial later today about using these functions.

Pro version got yet another new tool. On the image on the right you see the new Verify tab on Meta Tags panel. Here you can add codes for website verification for Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Central. These tags are automatically added in the header of home page of your website.

Few more things are changed for WP 3.0 compatibility, few deprecated functions replaced, and this trend will continue, and plugin follow changes of current WP 3.0 development.

Since WP 3.0 is still in development, some changes can potentially break GD Press Tools. So, please, report any problems so that I can fix them before WP 3.0 is released.

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GD Press Tools Pro
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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

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4 thoughts on “GD Press Tools 3.2.1 Pro / 2.4.3 Lite”

  1. I just installed GD Press Tools in a test site and am excited to begin using it. It lets me forgo several plugins I usually install, and I love how you can repair and optimize tables from the GD Press Tools Interface.

    My request is this: Would you please recommend what you think is the best SEO plugin to use along with GD Press Tools?

    Thank for any insight you can offer!

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    • Pro version of GD Press Tools have much, much more database related options, and more tools in all areas. As for the SEO, I use on all my websites Headspace2, but AllInOne SEO pack is also excellent.

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  2. Thanks Milan for provided two new functions for tracking. Just wondering how can I show that counts on individual post? What function do I hv to add in my theme? or its automatic?

    Arpit Shah

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    • Using those functions. You have tutorial about it.

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