With changes made to WordPress 3.0 daily, there are always things that need to be fixed and changed. Here is another round of mostly WP 3.0 specific changes. But, Pro version got few more small features, and some of them are quite interesting.

With Pro version, you can now hide WP version from footer for non admin users. And on the Database Backup panel you will see estimated size of the backups. This goes for full backup and for partial backup. When you select partial backup tables, estimation will change and update to see how big file will be in the end. Right now you get uncompressed size, next version will show both compressed and uncompressed. Displayed values are only approximation.

Work on Pro goes on and next release is 3.3 with long waited maintenance mode, and after that we will go to major version bump and GD Press Tools 4.0 is next. More on that soon.

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