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GD Press Tools 3.3

GD Press Tools 3.3 Pro is released. This version starts the changes that will result in 4.0 version in about months time. New feature added in this version is Maintenance Mode. Check out the roadmap for the plugin to see what’s coming in 3.5 and after that in 4.0.

Maintenance Mode Settings
Maintenance Mode Settings

To control maintenance mode, new tab on Settings panel is added with many options. You can select template for rendering mode message that will be displayed to users who are not allowed during maintenance period. Right now there is only one template and more will come. Also, xScape themes will all support this and will hook into the plugin to add on templates for this mode.

You can set timer and restrictions. Timer is only there to inform users when will be site staring normal work, it’s not used by the plugin to stop maintenance mode. You need to do it yourself. You can use GD Press Tools dashboard widget to enable or disable maintenance mode.

Default Maintenance Template
Default Maintenance Template

Restrictions will be expanded later with IP options, specific user ID’s… Info about mode is always visible in the footer and if you want with notifications on top of every page.

Default template is very simple as you can see from this image on the right.

If you notice any problems with this new feature, please leave a comment or forum topic and describe what the problem is.

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