GD Press Tools 3.4 Pro is now released. We are well under way to 3.5 and more importantly to 4.0 release, that is in development. This time, several bugs are fixed and you will see first changes to the plugin panels organization, and few minor new features.

User Columns
User Columns

Users panel grid is expanded with one more column for last recorded user activity. This tracking is added few weeks ago, so you might not have too much data recorded yet, but over time you will have clear picture when users have been active on the website.

GDP_R print function and CSS and JS it uses are now embedded into the page. Both these are very small, and it’s not really good to link two additional files, it’s better to move them into the page.

WP Hooks panel is gone, and added to Environment panel. Hooks will be improved soon with more debug usage and added to footer like SQL queries. Dashboard widget is updated and styled better, and number of minor bugs are fixed.

In about 2 weeks time, 3.5 will be released, that’s a bit later than I first expected, but it will be worth the wait.

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  1. pondinfo says:

    My first step toward purchasing your products was to install and get familiar with your free plugin downloads. The Auto Tagger in GD Press Tools is not working for me and has caused me to discover that you do not seem to support these products very well. The Auto Tagger seems like it is hung-up and even the “Force Clean Up” button does not work. The status shows the auto tagger is scheduled to run but it has been over two weeks.

    Can you take mercy on my and give me a bit of help? I tried un-installing and re-installing but it does not change the state of things. I know there are a bunch of other details you would need to tell me what is going on but Please at least give me an idea on how to clear this out.

    Any help is appreciated

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    1. MillaN says:

      I use Auto Tagger at least once a week on several of my websites, and it works. Since I use GD Press Tools daily in normal website use and development, I fix any bug that is reported. Also, there are many users of Pro version of the plugin, and no one reported problems with auto tagger. I went through my emails also and comments and you are the first to report it broken. Trust me, I give my products excellent support, but I can’t fix something no one reports as broken.

      What version of WordPress you are using and what PHP version?

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