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GD Press Tools 3.5

New Icon
New Icon

Brand new GD Press Tools 3.5 Pro has just been released and this version brings another major tool allowing you to remove inactive users. There are more new things in this version, including updated plugin icon, improvements to database tools and more.

New panel is called Prune Users and includes filter block that will display users matching the filter with basic data to review and option to delete them.

Prune Users Panel
Prune Users Panel

In the next versions of the plugin, there will be more options for filtering and deletion. So, if you get a bunch of registrations and accounts that never get used, this is the easy way to get rid of them.

Also, new option is added for WP 2.9 and newer for setting automatic deletion of trashed items. Database backup tab now displays estimate for compressed backup size. And as always, some minor problems are fixed. For WP 3.0 new integration option is added, to display ID column for comments. More comments columns will follow.

Code optimization started with this version, and part of the code is moved from main class to admin class that will be loaded only for admin side, and save memory on blog side because it will not be loaded there.

Thanks to Vladan Vasic, designer behind eScape and photoScape themes, plugin now has new icon. And the Dev4Press website will be updated with his icons and other elements this and next week.

So, check and test the new version and please report any problems you find. In the next month you can expect maintenance versions, but main work on GD Press Tools 4.0Pro has started.

Important: This is the last version of GD Press Tools to support WordPress 2.7. With increasing difficulties to track new functions and functionalities in last few versions of WP, new major GD Press Tools will support 2.8 and higher versions of WordPress.

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