New versions of both editions of GD Press Tools are now released. Both version have option to remove the capital letter P filter from WordPress 3.0, and Pro version has several new options and number improvements and fixes for registration spam fighter module.

Without going too deep into the problem with filter of capital P, check the link at the bottom of this post. But, Matt wrote a very simple filter (without anyone approving it or any discussion in community) that searches for ‘WordPress’ in the text and replaces it with ‘WordPress’. And since search/replace is not content aware at all, this will replace in text but also in URL’s and that will break URL in most cases (images especially). Filter removal option is on plugins Settings panel, on Administration tab.

Pro version got new options for setting CHMOD default values, function to determine if the user is online (uses plugins tracking data of users latest activity) and features several new registration filtering rules. Also, some problems with domain filtering is fixed as well as some styling issues on plugin panesl.

Please report any problems you might have with the new version(s).

Lowercase p, dangit!:

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  1. MillaN says:

    GD Press Tools 3.7.2 Pro is release to fix use of invalid function for checking registration validity.

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