With latest WordPress blunder concerning Matt adding the filter to change the case of WordPress word in content and the same filter breaking same content, I added a real capital P filter that works as it should and is not disrupting links or URL’s to images in the content.

Real Capital P filter uses regular expression to find and later replace all the instances of ‘WordPress’ eligible for replacement. This will include all occurrences of the ‘WordPress’ regardless of case, but will not match it if it appears in the links such as HREF or SRC attributes for A, IMG, SCRIPT or LINK tags. If you have suggestions on what else should be excluded from filtering, please leave a suggestion and I will update and improve the function.

Function is available in both Lite and Pro versions, and it works with any WordPress version supported by the plugin. Removal of Matt’s filter is still available, and both these are part of the Content tab on the plugins Settings panel.

Please report any problems you might have with the new version(s).

Lowercase p, dangit!:
Fun with the Capital P:

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