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GD Press Tools 3.8.1

Only few days after 3.8, here is a first minor revision. This version adds support for Amazon S3 for uploading backup archive, new plugin tools panel, several bugs fixes, some improvements to backup procedure and updated readme file and updated requirements.

Because plugin now uses third party libraries for database backup, all used libraries require PHP5, so that is now set as a minimum plugin requirement. Also, PHP needs cURL extension active because, once again, all libraries for uploading to CDN require cURL for authentication and uploading of files.

If you don’t have the license for Pro version already, check out the bottom of the post for 20% discount coupon.

Important: New backup system is tested, but I expect some bugs to be found due to wide range of changes, so please report any problems you find, and include version of WordPress, use of network (multi site) mode and what you tried to do exactly. With so many changes in a single version, bugs are unavoidable. But, I will fix them as soon as possible.

What’s new?

Support for Amazon S3 is added, and can be used to upload backup archives. You need Amazon AWS account (keys for access) and bucket created on S3. New Plugin Tools panel is added where you can remove plugin settings and restore them to their default values.

Number of bugs are fixed, including problems with loading CDN settings in multi site environments, setting initial capabilities, some minor backup problems.

Next CDN to be supported is NetDNA based system (MaxCDN is very popular service). I hope to work on that one during this week, for the next week release. FTP upload of archives is also in work.

Promo coupon

Until the end of September, a coupon is available that will give you 20% discount. Coupon can be used with GD Press Tools and Dev4Press Bundle purchases. This coupon is: GDPT38PRO.

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