Minor maintenance release of GD Press Tools Pro is released, focusing on problems with Cron functionalities built in the plugin. This 3.8.3 version includes couple of very important fixes and some a new function that is already in use from the plugins Cron panel.

Registering new cron periods is fixed. There was an issue that was causing GD Press Tools to remove periods not defined by the plugin, or WP, so third party plugin couldn’t register own periods. There were also few other minor issues with Cron panel, that are also taken care of now.

Default plugin cron periods are expanded with ‘Every Two Days’ period. A new function is added for removing all cron jobs for a set hook/action regardless of time or arguments used to add cron job for that hook. Same function is used from Cron panel to clear that hook from the list. Previously available Unschedule options is still there and it’s using time and arguments for specific use of hook to be removed.

More on GD Press Tools Pro: http://dv4p.com/gdpt

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