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GD Press Tools 3.8.7 Pro

Another day, and another new version of the plugin. It includes couple of fixes and two important new features, one of which is security related. You can now disable admin bar (WP 3.1 feature) and security panel has options for checking and setting chmods for important folder and files.

CHMOD Status
CHMOD Status

New status panel for security got it’s first tool: check and change CHMOD for most important folders and files. More files and folders will be added if needed. As you can see on the image on the right, you see which files and folders are set OK, and which are in red, and need to be changed. You can try to change permissions directly, or do it on your own manually.

New admin bar added with WP 3.1 can be useful, but I know already many users that will like to get rid of it. So, you have options for it now. General settings allow you to control that network wide (for multisite installations), and you have individual site settings also).

GD Press Tools Pro 4.0 will be dropping support for WordPress 2.9. I recommend updating your website to newer version than 2.8 for many, many reasons. Most of my other plugins will also be dropping support for older WP versions soon.

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GD Press Tools Pro
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