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GD Press Tools 3.8.8 Pro / 2.5.8 Lite

More and more security related changes are now part of GD Press Tools Pro, and more are yet to come. Meanwhile, small update for Lite version that got one more feature allowing you to disable admin bar (WP 3.1 feature), that is already added in Pro version last week.

Security Status
Security Status

New status panel for Security now does what status is supposed to do: show what security features are active or inactive with recommendations on what to activate or what should be optional. New tabs are also added, but not all are in use, they are here as a preview of what is to come soon.

If you are using current development versions of WP 3.1, you will notice changes in menus. When you are on the individual blog dashboard, you will not see global menu items in the GD Press Tools menu, they will be visible only on Network dashboard making it more logical to distinguish between the options scope. This includes Global Settings, Security, Registration and Prune Users.

Some minor problems with backup on Windows OS and also some Network modes problems with backup paths are now fixed.

With series of 6 tutorials on WP security starting tomorrow, GD Press Tools Pro will be getting more security tools during this month. Also, there will be a major 3.9 release sometimes next week.

GD Press Tools Pro 4.0 will be dropping support for WordPress 2.9. I recommend updating your website to newer version than 2.8 for many, many reasons. Most of my other plugins will also be dropping support for older WP versions soon.

More about GD Press Tools Pro:

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