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GD Star Rating 1.9

GD Star Rating 1.9 is just released with one purpose only: to improve and complete support for Google Rich Snippets. Up until now plugin supported only microdata format for snippets, but now this is updated with support for RDF and microdata. And more.

I have added new options allowing better integration of the GRS in the theme. Now you can use new setting that will insert the snippet on the action call. This will allow adding snippet anywhere in the theme, but the theme needs to support that. Info about that is on the Settings page for snippets. xScape themes are already updated and will use new snippet support. Templates used by the snippet for all 3 formats are improved and have more info that will be easier to style and will be readable if displayed as visible.

Over the next week or two, I will monitor Google search results to see if the new GRS format will be picked up. As it turnes out, Google is not using snippets that are hidden, so new options and expanded format will sort this out.

xScape themes have a special option to enable support for GRS. This will change some of the plugin settings and integrate snippet into the theme. You can see that in action on official website, bellow individual posts content.

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