New major version of Dev4Press Updater brings new features, visual improvements and few bugs fixed (mostly cosmetic problems, or broken links). New features include Amdin Bar integration and interaction with ManageWP services for new versions notifications and updates.

Updater Settings
Updater Settings

Visual changes are made, so that this plugin has same look as all the other Dev4Press Pro plugins. You can see new Settings panel on the image on the right. Upgrade and install grids are improved a bit, with some of the broken links fixed. Context help links are also fixed.

New Integration option is added, and plugin can shows new updates notification in the Admin Bar. It is enabled by default, and its controlled from the Settings panel.

Very important new feature in this version is new integration option that allows interaction with ManageWP. ManageWP is a great service created and owned by Vladimir Prelovac, and it can be used as a single dashboard and management tool for multiple WordPress powered websites. And with it you can update WordPress, plugins and themes on all your blog in the same time, bulk posting, manage users and much more. But, until now, ManageWP was able to update only plugins and themes from repository.

In the past few days, we were working together to bring the updates notifications and ability to run updates for all Dev4Press premiums plugins and themes directly from ManageWP. And Dev4Press is the first WordPress premium development studio that is supporting ManageWP. As before, you need Dev4Press Updater installed and configured on your websites. If these websites are included in your ManageWP account, updating our plugins and themes can be performed directly from ManageWP as with the free plugins from WP repository.

If you for some reason, don’t want to allow this type of interaction, on the settings panel there is an option to disable ManageWP integration.

Keep in mind that this is first Updater version with ManageWP support, so please report any problems you might have with this feature, and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

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  1. ManageWP support is wonderful news, I agree wholeheartedly that Vladimir is providing a great service, I hope that many other commercial plugin authors follow your lead.

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