Plugin Settings
Plugin Settings

Forum plugin bbPress 2.0 is released, and I am releasing new version of free GD bbPress Attachments plugin with few more interesting features that can help make integration better and more usable with icons for different file types attached to topics or replies and forum icons.

Last few minor revisions were used to add extra features and now that planned set of features is completed (for now anyway) with file types icons for the attachments. Plugin has 17 icons added for this. You can always use your own CSS and you icons to replace those. Expanded plugin settings are on the image on the right.

Forum Attachments
Forum Attachments

New version can show attachment icon in the forums for each topic that have at least one attachment in the topic or any reply (image on the right). And

And, for each topic or reply, if you enable icons for file types, you will see a list like the image here:

Attached Files
Attached Files

Plugin works with fine with just released bbPress 2.0, and it has no special requirements, since file upload and storage is handled by WordPress media library.

You can download plugin from Dev4Press or from You have links bellow. If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, you can use comments or the forum.

Plugin Links:

GD bbPress Attachments Home Page
GD bbPress Attachments on

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GD bbPress Attachments
Attachments upload to the topics and replies in bbPress plugin using media library. Control file size and number of files, integration elements and more.
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  1. Curtis says:


    I installed lated version and when I upload I do not get error but nothing happens. No upload.

    Could this be a conflict with other plugins? Permissions?

    Is tehre a way to determin what is happening?


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    1. MillaN says:

      I next version there will be a log, so it will show why the upload was rejected.

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